About Us

Commun.it was established 7 years ago with the vision of enabling positive online relationships for brands, at scale.

The founders are:

Sharel Omer

CEO, Marketing, Product

18 years experience as developer & product manager (Mercury, HP, Prolify, 2win). MTA Graduated (Computer science). Start-up mentor.

Ran Margaliot

VP R&D, Operations

13 years experience as lead developer & CTO (Taldor, 2win, JivyGroup,  TheHive). Start-up mentor. Israel Twitter developers community leader.

Itamar Rogel

Head of Biz Dev/US Marketing

18 years experience as an entrepreneur and technologist. Expert in Business Development and marketing strategy for startups.

Commun.it 360º developed out of years of experience helping businesses grow, engage and manage their online brand.

At its core is an array of algorithms that build on the state-of-the-art in NLP and AI and extend it with proprietary methods validated on millions of items in different vectors (performance marketing, brand marketing, crypto, finance, politics…).

This enables Commun.it 360º to identify narratives, anomalies and trends, surface bots and bot networks, and deduce the impact of narratives and users on the public discourse.

Commun.it 360º was designed by a team of domain experts, with experience and knowledge of social APIs and deep social network analysis spanning over 7 years. The team also leads an Official Twitter Developer Community.

Commun.it 360º was referred to as “antibiotics for the Fake News virus” by experts in the Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs.